Supporting the Housing Market

One of the most important parts of the work of the Elyria Community Partnership will be to support the housing market in Elyria. Elyria is a city of many neighborhoods some of which qualify as low and moderate income census tracts. The Partnership will focus its efforts related to housing in these neighborhoods and will specifically consider communities that have more severe housing challenges and are adjacent to downtown.

While the precise nature of the housing work that the Elyria Community Partnership will focus on is still being determined in a thoughtful planning process, programs like housing rehab, model blocks and home repair programs will be discussed. Each of these types of efforts has been accomplished by many community development corporations in the region. In each case, the programming will support access to quality safe and healthy housing for people at all income levels.

Any housing program will be accomplished in close partnership with the City and if possible with the private sector as well. However, the Elyria Community Partnership may consider stepping in to support markets where Elyria residents are living in housing that needs repair. Also the Partnership, over time, might consider a program to build new housing in neighborhoods with vacant lots to increase the supply of quality housing for working people in Elyria.

When possible, the Elyria Community Partnership seeks to partner with high capacity and more established regional organizations like CHN Housing Partners and others that can bring resources and capacity into Elyria.

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